Come to think of it, why don’t all motel postcards show the room? No one spends their time hanging outside around the sign, after all.

The Cloverland feautured not only guest Controlled Baseboard Heat, but Cribs. To say nothing of the TV positioned in the most useless spot available – can’t see it while you’re at the desk, can’t watch it in bed. You can sit in the chairs and watch TV, but you’ll have to walk 40 yards to change the channel.

For you younguns in the audience: the light fixture on the left was a marvel of modern technology; that Nomad-head in the middle of the rope allowed you to raise or lower the lamp. And it stayed where you put it.

Sheets? Thin. Bedspread? Looks downright abrasive. The tiles: waiting for water stains. On the other hand, all the perspective lines appear to have a common vanishing point, so it has that going for it.