The classic trademark Imperial roof, and the equally classic needless quote marks: it’s the Imperial “400” motel for reasons I cannot imagine. It had “heat lamps,” a feature of post-war motel bathrooms that mystified many a kid: they weren’t exactly lights, but they were, and they made things warmer, for no reason you could figure out. 

The current disposition is mysterious. The address is 601 S 10th street; there's part of a motel there - the Royal - but not enough. The address is slighly differen - 583 S. 10th. But! The cross street, Fresno, is where the numbers change from 5XX to 6XX, and it doesn't go through this block. If there was an office building, it would be at 601.

I know, I know, who cares? You do, or you wouldn't be reading this.