From the yee-haw country décor of the dining room to the horrid mismatch of the rooms, the Intown was a bit of a mix. The exterior had a certain severe charm, though. It was, of course, “Ultra Modern,” and had a restaurant and a bar, so it was good for a night in Luray.

Still around, but: sigh. Reviews:

All 4 of the rooms smelled horrible but the last one covered it up with some old man cologne that made it bearable. We killed about 4 flies before giving up.


As soon as we entered the room there was some weird smell which we neglected. Then we found flies all around the place.


didn't actually stay there because the rooms smelled so strongly.


We must have killed 20 flies and failed to get them all.

Two more reviews were positive and did not mention anything about a smell or flies.