The original post for this page said:

The reviews aren’t all that good, despite the coolness of the sign:

"The people were very nice but the hotel is run down and the decorations don't really match. I think they might have termites something was falling from the ceiling and there were ant things."

Ant things! Like what? Giant thoraxes in the hall? Said another guest:

“This quaint, yet disgusting hotel has a semi friendly incompetent staff. They told us very kindly that your room is conveniently located about 3 feet from your car, so you don't have to carry your bags far. You know that gratifying relaxing feeling you get when you walk into a freshly cleaned room, with attractive amenities and soothing decor? Well you won't have to worry about that at this hotel. The rooms were not clean enough and same was the case with bathrooms. The cleaning crew is very irresponsible. The carpet is dark and it is hard to separate the soil and dead roaches from the sticking designer pattern. The walls consist of an out side residential brick. The lighting is very bad, but necessary to maintain the illusion of cleanliness. The toilet worked fine, except you had to hold the handle down for the complete flush. The shower was not working properly. You had to turn the heat as hot as it would go because by the time the fog got to your body it had dropped about 30 degrees.”

For a dissenting view:

"Overall, it was cleaner and nicer than I was expecting. The front desk was very friendly and helpful and they even left the pool open an hour later for us because we arrived late. I would say it was a great value. The only negative was it had a medicine cabinet behind the bathroom mirror, which I wish I hadn't looked at because it was filled with mold not visible unless you opened the cabinet."