His favorite cup. Is female. And he stopped having coffee with you. "Losing"? Hon, if that was the thing that really made you worry, then he's probably been gone for months. But let's see how a symbolic dream with anthropomorphic dishes resurrect his dead passion.

Shut up, Pedro! Butt out! What are you doing? Back to the story! Did it work? Did he stay? According to the dream, the "flying saucer" took the cup - symbolic of Jim's interest in women and their stimulative effect - and took it elsewhere. Surely she knew that. But she rushed to the grocer's, trying to keep her composure, steaming when he said it was the coffee men liked (why hadn't he said that BEFORE?), almost dying for the next morning to come. Jim loved it. But where did they go from here? How could they put it all together?

(Judy and Jane was a real show. Sponsored . . . by Folger's.)