It’s not an attractive color, and it’s one of my least favorite typefaces. (Hobo has cursed the land longer than you might realize.) It’s not the same type of book as the 1962 Key guide to LA, which was presented for your entertainment here. But it’s as much of a record of its times as the 1962 guide, and I expect we’ll learn a lot. LA entered a new phase in '41 - defense ramped up, people moved for factory jobs, housing was tight, nightclubs were packed, Hollywood was booming - and Lawry's was serving steaks, just as they do today.

I suspect it'll be harder to flesh out the details of the ads; so much has changed, so much was razed and paved. But let’s see what we can learn. Don’t worry: only a few pages are in color. Black and white will be a blessed relief.