Welcome to the Sears Armory for Youth. The toy guns of the 1966 Wish book. But not just guns! No, the Secret Agent craze had trickled down to the pre-adolescent males, and they wanted tools and gadgets to help them fight international crime or vaguely defined foreign powers.

This Secret Agent briefcase, for example, let you communicate with other agents in the field. It had a real transmitter and receiver! Maybe you'd actually overhear real spies talking, and you'd go to the principal of the school and tell him and he'd alert the authorities and they'd get the spies and you'd get a medal! It could happen!

(maybe you could just tell the guys you heard real spies and if they believed you they'd think you were cool)

(but what if they believed you and said you had to tell the prinicipal or the FBI? It's one thing to lie to your pals to impress them but gee you can get in trouble lying to the prinicipal or the FBI)

(there probably aren't any real spies around here anyway)

(I don't want this stupid thing, I want a gun)