Perhaps the great ad agencies have vaults where all the old ads are kept. Perhaps some day we will get a full history of who wrote them, who produced them, who wrote the music, who played it, who did the voices.

But I doubt it.

Most old radio shows are missing the commercials - as if that wasn't really an integral part of the show. It's a pity. A full accounting of the era might dispel the suspicion that most of the creative energies went into television. The medium wouldn't get inventive again until the 70s.





Zut alors: what better place for a deodorant ad?

Here's Bob & Ray! Actually, no.

Groovy, man: John Farnham does an ad for Fanta.

Doan Koan: the pills that never went away.

More Doans. 1960s campaign aimed at the housewife.

Kingston Trio. Like you've never heard them before!

Kent Cigarettes: #1 in a series from 1962.

Kent Cigarettes: #2. They were a good smoke.

Give to charity. Fight commies and witch doctors!

Commanders. Not a famous cigarette, but I'm sure it satisfied.

Ex-Lax. Take it - for a cold?

Fritos. Delish!

The nice lady with the plates and coupon books.

Here's Maurice for that Gallic-charm angle.

Good Luck Soup did not have enough to stick around.

The bad old days of costly long-distance.