Sometimes when I say it's "a work in progress" I mean I have lots of scans I haven't resized or arranged into a subsite. Not the case here! I hardly have any scans. Anyway, there are so many World's Fair 64 sites, is there really a need for another?

Yes. Apparently, yes. There's lots on the web, but it's scattershot, or the sites are old and look like they're meant to be seen on 640 X 480 screens. This isn't an attempt to supplant those sites, just add some details or bring previously posted items together - like the Edu-Card pictures, for example.

Fifty years: seems longer than that. It's one of those events that seems to be on the other side of the Great Break, the end of the post-war mood (as we define it in retrospect) and the rise of the self-oriented, hedonistic, and eventually cynical culture that grew on the grave of JFK. I used to find much of this Fair a bit outre and kitschy, at least compared to the incredible futurism of the '39 version, but I've come to love it. Not that it needs my opinion one way or the other.

Take the tour; make up your own mind.