We'll start with just what the name on the door offers: the Faces.

You thought the grey-haired 'do had gone out a few years before? Well, yes, it had. Maybe. I don't keep track of these things. Obviously she's not grey by natural means, so it's either a rinse or a wig. Or she stepped out of a 30s screwball comedy set in a newspaper; imdb lists her role as "Gum-chewing receptionist (Uncredited)



Bob, I just want to stand next to one'a 'em girls there and just take a big ole whiff, if'n I could.



Hi, everyone! In an alternate dimension I'm in a sitcom. I play the level-headed, smart, socially-aware wife of a grumpy middle-management fellow, and we have one child. Also one season.



When someone told Helen "that dress is just you" she took it as a compliment:



Not sure if she would be better suited with larger glasses, although they might interrupt her head's general trend towards "lightbulb"



The ol' flip-do. You could use them for hooks and carry around a couple of pails of water at the farm:



That's all from one episode, Of course, there are marvelous items, such as the Teledyne Packard Bell Console Color TV:



Was it better than other TVs? The Quasars, the Sears units, the RCAs? I've o idea, although I'm sure there were experts who could tell the difference. Compared to today's HD sets, they all look you're watching puppets through an aquarium of Karo syrup.

TV Time: it came with oil already in the package. Anitra is impressed, and is likewise impressed you realize the virtues of TV Time, and what it can do for you. You do know, don't you? She'll tell if you're curious.



I'd like to think that popcorn is being held by some sort of dried octopus, because otherwise it's a rather unnerving arrangement of fingers.