Before we get to the contestants, a word about the Woman who Gestured at Objects. In the period discussed on this site, there were two.

Janice Pennington:



She was on the show from '72 to 2000.



From an review of her book, "Husband, Love, Spy: a True Story"

Pennington, a hostess on the TV game show The Price Is Right, married German mountain-climber Friedrich ("Fritz") Stammberger in 1974. The following year, while on an alleged climbing expedition where the borders of Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan converge, he disappeared and was never heard from again. Pennington made inquiries, but , she claims, the CIA informed her that her search compromised national security. In 1980 she met Carlos de Abreu, a native of Mozambique, and four years later, when Fritz was legally declared dead, they married. To exorcise her first husband's ghost, Pennington and de Abreu continued to investigate his fate. Their quest ended in Moscow, where they found hazy information suggesting that Fritz had been a CIA spy, was dead and buried in Afghanistan. The book is overlong, much of the suspense is artificially generated and the writing is compromised by sophomoric gush.

Then there was Anitra Ford. Whew. Grainy screencaps don't do her justice.



So a fella had the old Betty v. Veronica thing, if they wanted to watch the show through that prism. Unless you were really interested in whether someone could accurately nail the price of Rice-a-Roni



Mercy. Anyway, on behalf of guys who grew up in the 70s: thank you. Now, on to the mortals.