Ah, beautiful music. The soft familiar sounds of popular hits dunked in sugar and softened for your listening enjoyment. It played in offices, elevators, grocery stores, doctor's offices - and more than anything else, this was the sound of the 60s and 70s. Pop was more important, but this stuff was absolutely everywhere.




When you can't find a zither, use the piano strings.

If you want to curse, "oh my sweet lord" comes to mind

Beautiful Music excerpt: I'd Like to Make it With You

Beautiful Music excerpt: Let's Stay Together


Beautiful Music excerpt: Oh Babe


We now join "We've Only Just Begun," already in progress


They don't know


You're so Vain, Wacka-chicka style


It's like a missing love song from "Omega Man"


Song, announcer, station ID, News sounder, DEATH

Good Morning, Sunshine

Beautiful Music excerpt: Candy Man