When you're a kid you don't realize the difference between ads and PSAs; you figure the Public Service Announcements are aired out of philanthropy. Good-heartedness. The station is tell you something helpful or useful. Thank you, valued member of the community!

Eh. They couldn't sell the spot so they let the network PSA run.




Confused young hippies: see the world with the new mod Navy

The days when a pack of cigarettes was a unit of monetary comparison

Oh, and don't smoke

Did you say God? Who said God?


Today's false choice brought to you by George C. Scott, and the Ad Council


Say, that heroin pusher you know? Turn him in, 'kay?


Don't ignore your kids! Didn't you hear that "Cat's in the Cradle Song"?


Damn wimmen libbers


Get a natural high from waxing your car


Soulful blood pressure advice

Hal Linden seconds George C. Scott
The world has largely forgotten Stanley Myron Handelman
Women! Be a Marine
Funky git-down Marines
Dinosaurs? In my Scientific Institute?
There's a drought in Africa.
Do you smoke? (PAUSE)
Finally: I don't know how it gets better than this duo.