Up above, the lucky fella who had a laserdisk player and a TV incrementally larger than most folks' set. Nerds rejoice! Eventually your technical preoccupations will pay off.

On the left, a reminder for anyone who thinks that 80s TV was all style and panache. Oh yes everything was like Miami Vice.

This site is clip-heavy, of course. It's not the usual stuff, because the "usual stuff" is how people define an era in retrospect - as if "The Shadow" defined old radio.

TV Intros concerns the best part of the show, the opening credits.

Commericals - well, that's rather self-evident. Commercials in the 80s lost a lot of the sarcastic zing and self-reference they developed in the 60s and 70s. That may be my imagination; it may be a conclusion based on what survives. They're sunnier and happier and more optimistic. It makes me miss the era even more.

JL 11 2020