And now the fun begins: Fair Blogging. If you think I’m going to Bleat during that period, you’re NUTS. Well, I’ll post here M-F as usual, but don’t expect a lot; the day job will consume the majority of my brain, and in the evening I’ll be crunching & editing video. Already did the first one, which should be up tomorrow. My efforts are hampered, somewhat, by the usual computer contrusions: the Mac laptop doesn’t work on the wireless network at the Fair booth. So far, anyway. I’ve no idea what the problem is – it sees the network but cannot grasp its essence. This means I’ll be using a PC laptop, and how I’ll post the graphics I have prepared is anyone’s guess – I’m preparing a kludgy workaround, but it’s a pain. Technology: “’Not Quite There Yet’ For Over Forty Years.” 

And then there’s child care. My plans for next week fell through like a brick on a sheet of wet newsprint, and I may end up taking Gnat to the Fair every day. Which could be fun. Oh, how I hope she remembers this: going to the Fair to watch Daddy type. She’s already quite particular about what I can and can’t put up on the Internet, and has forebade me from relating amusing anecdotes. Well, kid, you are not the sysadmin of me.

Just so you know: I’ll be at the Strib booth tomorrow afternoon. In the mornings I will be assembling blogable material; I’ll post in the afternoon from the back porch of the Strib building. I will do a few nighttime shifts next week. Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this.

Here’s some motels, just to show I haven’t forgotten this site. I’m still on course to get all the motel additions up before summer’s end, since they seem to belong to the warm hot months.

Here, here, here, heer, heere, hear, here, here. Pages open in new windows. Or you could go here for four pages, then here for four pages. Your choice.

See you at buzz - it's going to be fun. Or hell. Or fun-hell. I guarantee you this: by the end of it, I'll never want to see the fairgrounds again.

Well, at least for a year.