Hardly any snow on the ground; 3 below. I mention this only to point out that we are, in this part of the world, insane. Yesterday when I went out to walk and take pictures I noticed that workmen were erecting a stage across the street. Couldn’t imagine what that was for. Too cold for a concert.


The polar plunge, of course. For charity, of course. Hell, just WRITE THEM A CHECK.

Just a few seconds of madness:


So today I did a little video, wrote some stuff, took Daughter to gym which meant I had to go to Cub. This time I was morose not because it was ROUTINE and HABIT - I really did need to go; wife wanted Oven Cleaner, because she's having the Book Club over and apparently all the women sneak peaks in the oven so they can cluck about its condition later - no, I was in a fine mood, which means I had good mood to spare that was only slightly affected by the fact that the store is just a dump, and I'm sick of it.

They did have a good deal on my favorite coffee, though. DAMMIT.

I also tried to make a picture of Han Solo saying "Then I'll see you in Court" as he climbs on the Tauntaun, but it didn't work. I always thought that was a stupid line, and I know I've said this before, but a guy says "the weather is bad and your mount will die," and the response is "then I'll see you in hell!" and the other guy thinks why am I going to hell for advising you about the weather?

For that matter, they had nothing that could fly around and do thermal imaging? Star Wars was so low-tech when the plot required.

Oh I'm sure there are novels explaining all that.

What's cluttering up the screengrab folder? All this. Here's some linkchum nonsense that annoyed me as I went around the wonderful world of the web. One of the sites that posts nothing but junk had this:

I found every panel in this comic to be amusing or true, and often both. Trouble is: the site lifted every single panel. Oh, it provided a link - but .001% of the patrons would go there. Why would you, when you'd just seen the whole thing?


A site about 30 celebrities you didn't know were dead.

He's not one of them. The site is telling you straight up: we lie.

There's even a mouseover from another site about 31 stars you FORGOT were Transgender. Thirty one! Did you remember any of them? Shame on you


  So it's hemlock?

This ad has been following me around for a week.

Remember this. Seriously. It's going to come up again in a week.


Does anyone ever look at how their site appears on a phone?





The Opus site will get tall by summer. It's still deep and dull now. Here's a flyover for context:

At least it's out ofthe pit, and two stories high . . .

It goes the entire length of the block. Elsewhere:


The building on the left is still too suburban . . . but it's still too early to complain.




This year we're examining the custom-made music cues for "The Great Gildersleeve." There were lots.

As I noted, I'm working my way through the show from start to finish. It really started to wheeze after seven years, and turned to formulas and gimmicks - the foundling, the wedding - to keep it lively.

These are still during wartime, though. So:


  Many actresses played Marjorie, the ageless teen. Here she walks the show into some travelin' music. Wheels! Wheels going around.


The composer is quoting the show's own theme here, giving it a minor-key variation to make it almost unrecognizable.




Child, I can't understand a word you're saying, except that something's granulated.




Songs of our Time! These turbulent times of Social Unrest. Who, indeed, will answer? What is the question? Does it matter? What matters is listening to young people who are asking questions.


  New this year: end-of-show aphorisms. And so we end the week.

Now we present the return of the Permanent Collection of Impermanent Art - now with commentary! If you've never been there, it's an attempt to understand advertising art from the perspective of a culture - foreign, future, I don't know - that has no context, and has to reconstruct meaning from the pictures by conjecture. It's silly, but at least the art's interesting.

I've taken everything down, redesigned it, and will add pages at the usual rate. I've seventy pages done, and another 70 to come next year.

Have a grand weekend!



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