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Today: movie locations then and now.

You might recognize this movie:

Baby Jane, Whatever Happened To. It has undistinguised locations; the usual houses and streets. But the shots of this area stood out, for the building on the right.

Took me a while, but I found it. Took me, like, a minute! Because someone else had found it and put it on the Googles. It's this:

The real locations always look so desolate outside of the movies.

The building had an interesting entrance:


It's the old "Hollywood Citizen" newspaper office, and it's been renoved now. LA did that polychrome Moderne better than anywhere else, except perhaps a few spots in Detroit.




Can you name this movie?

Double Indemnity. And herein hangs a mystery. Not about the movie, of course; not even the movie has a mystery. The location for this one is easy.

The carvings on the balcony made me curious.

The building's lower floor practically writhes with bas reliefs, while up above . . .

Up above, you are judged.

I love the way this guy turns to look at his lucky friends who aren't smushed into a corner:

But here's the problem.


The page I consulted for the location has this scene, which immediately follows the previous screne grab, occuring at the same location. But it's not. Here's the entrance:

The building in the movie has a classical pediment over the door. The building from the previous scene does not.

But the windows fit! So it's the building next door, which makes sense. It's been torn down. It spent its last years stripped of the ornament that made it unique.

Annnnd SO WHAT? you ask. Only this: in the movie, he walks away from the building . . . and appears right next to it.


Are we done yet? Sigh. No. A year ago I watched "The Flim Flam Man," and did not like it very much. But it has lots of inadvertant documentary.

Lawrenceburg KY.

That was to be expected, I think. If the building's made it this far, it's usually safe.

It's across the street from the courthouse. Mourn the signage.

Main street:

As usual for modern views, it seems to be a post-plague world.

The sign above SHRYOCKs is a palimpsest now; let's look closer.

  If it wasn't for the movie, perhaps we'd never know.



Why yes, I will give you more Bela. Polly want a pawn shop?

Solution on Friday! Don't bother clicking ahead or reverse-engineering the link. You won't find it.

That'll do - see you tomorrow!


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