As I might have mentioned, next year will have a weekly update about the 80s - commercials, magazines, and the obligatory catalogue!

This isn't it! But it's great. 1983, I think, is the year it all began to turn.


I like to think of 1983 as high-tech with computers and cool sci-fi effects, but that's all retconning; like every other era, it looked back at the same time it wanted to give you the modish styles. I'm sure someone used this as proof that Reagan was dragging us back to some mythical era, etc.

The Sears organization apparently hired the Newport Alive With Pleasure team for a few shots:

It hurts don't do that the leaves are pointy ouch hey don't

Meanwhile, across town:

Frank it's weird that you showed up at my family gathering in the same sweater but hey no c'mon Frank don't

They built 'em strong and sturdy down under:

In the future, all the rich society girls will have cyborg friends:

More after the ad.





Let's get risible:

Go for it!

Oh, this stuff was the sign of absolute decadence:

Lounge garb for those awkward moments in when you realize what they meant by threesome:

Remember what I said about Reagan dragging us back to the bad old days? THE EVIDENCE WAS EVERYWHERE.

Finally: I could make jokes, but I won't.

That's as high early-80s as it got, and like most of the stuff in the 80s, you know what?

I still like it.

And now, our pallid Lance Substitute:

Polly want a faster plot:

The answer awaits on Friday. Go ahead and ruin it for yourself and EVERYONE if you must, but you'll be missing the point of recreating the old newspaper experience!



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