A fine week, albeit miserable. Heat-wise. Next week, more of the same. The AC is causing the usual debate; the womenfolk complain it's too cold. Did you turn it down? I did not. I haven't touched it. At all. This year. To be honest, I like it cool. In the car I have all the vents pointed at my face. I may look like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining, but with a smile.

After supper we clunked the old grill down the stairs to the boulevard for trash collection. Turned out to be a two-person job, something I learned after attempting to take it down myself. Got it down one step. It turned over and vomited a cloud of ash and incinerated material, dumping its “flavor bars” in the hostas. Wife helped me guide it down. I put a note on the side saying TRASH, which was obvious, but also DOESN’T WORK in case the midnight gleaners take it away, attach a tank of propane, and blow themselves up. Did the same with the old fire pit, which was a shoddy piece of Chinese junk that did the one thing you don’t want your gas stove to do: it hissed in the wrong place. I’ll accept some hissing where the fire is supposed to come out. Hissing in the hose or connector area is not a good sign. Leads to boominess.

I should also note that the “automatic starter” stopped working after a few months. click click click nothing. Manual: "turn off gas at source, wait a day, try again. Do not attempt to light." Me: gets out the Zippo.

Daughter suggested sushi for supper, and I couldn't argue. Wouldn't argue. Perfect hot day meal.

Off to the store; back in a trice. Daughter says:

"This  . . . this is it?"

"What do you mean? Two dumplings apiece, three crab rolls, a chicken skewer. It's fine. Look, let me arrange it artfully, so it's full of satisfying Zen whatever."

Wife agreed it was a perfect portion, ideal for a hot day, and we all enjoyed our meal.

Before I sat down to finish this and upload I ate 10 slices of salami with crackers and cheese, because I was absolutely famished. And I still am. I love sushi, but sometimes it seems like negative food. If you ate nothing but sushi you would eventually disappear.

There was more to my day, but if those are the exciting highlights, I think you can be relieved I'm leaving it at that.

Finally, we get inside one of the buildings we watched go up!

Remember this? It was going up during the plague year. The Public Services building.

As you note from the picture above, there's a two-story open area at the base. Inside it's going for the 1957 office building look, and I don't say that as an insult.

They're very proud of that ramp. It's a Concept. It connects the skywy to the main floor, and takes almost the entire length of the building to do it. This has the effect of bifurcating the restored city seal:

I'd rather have clear view of the seal than a Conceptually Important ramp.

Eventually you end up in hte lobby area, which is  . . . generous with unpurposed space, let's say.

Art! Possibly represents sky and water.

Here's the seal from the under-ramp area. It does not give the impression of a place that was built all at once.

The exterior is the best part of the building.

Back to the RBC, now entering the final phase of the "proud and soaring thing" phase, I suppose.

The weekly sweep:

Haven't checked on the Larking since they topped it off. The brick is going up.

I prefer the black. It's much more interesting. The brick changes my impression of it, and not for the better.


Another one solved in three panels. CLICK


Easy peasy.  Solution is here.





Thrill to this grammatically correct show opening!





Yes, it is.



Well, that's someone's Bruckneresque symphony.

Also, some prize dialogue. Jeez.


Okay, one more cue.

It all feels very late-era. Music off the shelf, ladled on B-league stuff.


It is time now for a Hootnanny. Not a Hootenanny. A Hootnanny.


Maybe he's thinking about the lawsuits to come.

1970s: you're not a cookie-cutter kitchen person!

That'll do! I hope your visits were worth your time. See you on Monday for more of the same, except completely different.



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