What a week. Let's look elsewhere for a while. I wrote this earlier this week, and it all seems out of date now. But the point is this:

I found myself banned from a variety of subreddits the other day, to my surprise.

Why? I had engaged with someone on a subreddit that spread covid misinformation.

This surprised me. There are many covid subreddits, and some are full of lunatics. I read one that’s frequented by the eternally cautious, and one that’s literally about “lockdown skepticism.” It’s on a list some mods assembled to banish those who are spreading misinformation that will lead to a public health catastrophe.

Let us take a look at the posts on the site the other day. Brace yourself; this is shocking stuff. People on reddit actually entertain stuff like this.

Take a look at those sources! Junk! Fake News!

Here’s the description of the site, as written by its moderators. Ready? This is dangerous stuff.

Interdisciplinary examination of lockdowns & other pandemic policies. We acknowledge the threat of COVID-19. We are also concerned about the policies' impact on our physical & mental health, human rights, and economy. This is a non-partisan, inclusive, global sub. We are empirically minded and do not tolerate unsupported claims against effective mitigation strategies such as vaccines. Conspiracy theories don't belong here.

Real Alex Jones material, there.

Now, I can appeal. It was an automatic ban, made by a bot that does not check the content of my post. The very act of participating was sufficient to get the ban. Can I undo this?

To be unbanned EITHER delete your posts/comments there, OR wait 24hrs to respond here, AND respond to this message with a promise to avoid that subreddit.

Any other response will be ignored and is consent for us to mute you.

What children. Now, you may be wondering . . . what did he say?

Basically, I quoted Peavey the Druggist from Gildersleeve:

That was all it took.


Let's go back to the RBC. All the equipment has left; the plaza is open, the fences down.

I saw people walking into the lobby without slapping a card, so . . . why not.

The lobby is bright, but small. It's not intended as a destination place where the skyways empty and people mill around, shopping.

Obligatory lobby art:

They're like work cubicles for a species that shifts between different dimension.

You know, work and the office.


Every so often, Lance likes to head down to the clubhouse with a weapon, and show the kids what a real woman looks like:

"You'd have the uniformed bulls pick him up on the way home and work him over if he didn't give you a deal?"

(sigh) "No, son."

Solution is here.



Okay, name that voice! Not the first one; too easy. It's from "Escape," a manly-man's tale anthology.


I heard it right away, which helped to make the entire performace a festival of cringe.

This year we're counting down the top hits . . . of 1922. Why not? Unlike last week's earnest slog, this one has pep from the start. "My Honey's Lovin' Arms," by Isham Jones and his Orchestra


Isham had a great run in the 20s and 30s, and we'll be hearing more from him. By the way, he wrote "You're in the Army Now," which every boy of my generation knew.


Our weekly commercial asks the question: is that him? Yes. Yes it is.





Some Menucards await. See you Monday with a smallish-sized surprise.




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