Best Girls of 1928 Contest, the Conclusion.

The Winners! Florence Mary Donahu and Marguerite Hager. Let’s look at the exciting scene at the M. W. Savage company:

Awkward for the girl on the right, who no doubt crumpled up the newspaper and was red-faced for an hour. The white-hatted matron seems intent on maintaining ORDER, GIRLS.

Savage sold . . . everything.

Clothes and canned fruits. Marion Savage was a local entrepreneur of some reknown; a street at the State Fair is named after his famous horse.

Off they go! They “wrote” an account of their exploits.

Oh ho, oh ho: she was making a movie called "Best Girl," eh?

She was, and she did.





  Their account says they saw Flying Fish:

Here’s the ship, complete with flying fish.

I think this is the last mention. The last one I clipped, anyway.


Rangy gal.

And that’s it. Marguerite vanishes from the records. Florence Mary Donahue, I think, turns up here. The age is right. 1905 - 1988.

If that’s her, she married Fortner Clifford, who preceded her to the great beyond by 25 years.

Thus ends the story of our Best Girls. They had a moment bigger than most, and then receeded back into the great big black.

That'll do. See you tomorrow.




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