What comes to mind? What words, what emotions, what part of the country?

This is a block from an era when the neighborhood was residential, and needed a strip of stores to supply their various needs.

Mr. Campeau was proud of what he had made.

Two twins, once no doubt presented as a single building.

Or not? If it was intended to be seen as one building, why not gather the visual interest in the center?

One of the buildings has these, which seem out of time - more Art Deco than the style of the building would suggest.

They’re missing from the other one.

I don’t know what’s going on here; it looks as if the building watermarked itself.

The business has been around a long time.

Another look up from the street: it seems as if the old neighborhood has come back.

Ah . . . but where is it?









Turn right and look down the block, and . . . eh, maybe it’s not totally revived.

On the corner, a tomb.

CPA was Conductors Protective Association, a train union.


The local papers say it’s been saved from demolition. Recent shots look better than the older shots.


Oh, look: a drive-in bank.

Perhaps it’s peculiar, or perhaps it’s the norm: I can’t see something like this and not think of the tellers who used to work behind the glass. What they saw, where they lived, what they liked, what was playing on the radio.

It's broad but not wide.

Why is this all interesting? Because once upon a time, I’ll bet everyone expected this neighborhood to be bustling with commerce. After all, it was the new home . . . of this.

Pan left.

Dead for decades.

It has a website now.


That'll suffice; see you tomorrow.



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