Friday, in normal times, is given over to old sounds - radio shows, music cues, vinyl, ads. Well, let's keep that theme going, for no reason other than I like to respect tradition even in the times when anything goes. And you know Hiatus weeks! Crazy stuff! Sheer madness!

These are cues from WABC. I think I got them on a Usenet group. long ago.

WABC radio was famous for its Musicradio77 period, blasting to the top of the ratings with a mix of short playlists, punchy DJs, Beatles promotions, and other promotional attractions. I don’t think these hail from that period. Some may, but they sound too pre-rock.






First, the news! Short sounder.


I love these beyond reason.


  When this one came up in the folder I was startled: I heard this in Fargo. All the ABC stations used this strange, otherworldly, crunchy piece of early electronic music.

t’s been a while since jingles used the phrase “comprehensively.”











Things like this make me realize that everything in my early childhood sounded like the Flintstones theme.


Everyone get set for WEATHER!

  This is why I don’t think these hail from the rock era. This is so middle-brow / Mitch Miller.

And this, my friends . . . is the squarest thing of them all.



That'll do! See you Monday.




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