All the ice is gone. Oh, it may snow again, and the snow may stay. This week was the heartbreak-to-come of False Spring. But the amazing floes of ice in the backyard are gone, because my wife and I hacked them to death with particular malice. Thre's a point where they lose ther adamantine strength, and sharp blows with a metal implement crack them into pieces like Turkish Taffy.

You know, this stuff.

I never really liked it. Had the mouthfeel of thick cold linoleum.The kids certainly seem excited by it, though.

As I warned you, not a lot on the top this week. Falling back on easy-to-skim pictures. We'll be back up to speed some time next week.

This week's look at the Thrivent Apartments: whoa! It has the measles!

All topped out.

This week's "OLD" shot: an unmanipulated shot from the entrace of my office.

While researching a story that's due much sooner than I thought, I found this in a newspaper edition celebrating the new Nicollet Mall. You could get it stamped at all the stores.

Oh, the many stores you could visit. All gone.

It reminded me of the views I captured the other day while walking to the bank.

The jewelry store is moving.

There were about 14 retail establishments in the Northstar building skyway system. There are two now.

The hotel is being renovated, and part of the downstairs shop / food court was blocked off with construction. Something's happening; perhaps everyone's moving because the leases are being terminated for the rehab.

A few blocks away: Absence.

Remember, this was murder. This was the result of two-weeks-to-stop-the-spread.

On the other hand, in a building next to Northstar:


Looks completely normal, I know. The sound of all those people was surprising. Gives me hope.

Oh no, the WHARF GANG is after him:

Because all the hairbrushes were raptured two weeks ago!

Solution is here.



From the later years of Suspense, a music cue that tells you just what you're getting: JDs. Miserable, angry, snappish, sarcastic JDs.


I don't know if it's the Juvenile Delinquent connection, but I've never liked this music.

This year we're counting down the top hits . . . of 1922. Why not?

Countin' 'em down. This week it's #39, with that inimitable Al.


Another tune that debuted the year before. It's from a musical Bombo. As the site says:

The musical has a thin story designed to showcase Al Jolson, who was at the height of his popularity. Songs were added by several composers during the run of the show so that, by the end of the run, there were more songs by composers other than Romberg than by him. The success of the musical on Broadway led to a national tour. Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Goo' Bye) was included later on in Bombo.

This song seems as thin as the supposed plot. But Al could sell anything.


The Four Lads are here to tell you about something they've been paid to approve!



G'wan, name another one-man operation that gives so much! Just try! Okay besides that one.



There: that should do. Average quality stuff, but so much! Have a fine weekend, and we'll meet back here Monday morn.




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