That was two years ago.

Remember? For the month of March I used screenshots from "The Andromeda Strain," for obvious reasons. A series of pictures describing the descent to the most sterile level of Wildfire. I held back a picture from the end that showed Andromeda drifting out to sea, where it would be destroyed by salinity; that was going to be the all-clear signal. This shot concerns two different opinions about dropping the nuke on the infection, and whether it was a good idea in light of new information. The fellow on the right I always associate with a Star Trek TOS ep where he plays a guy who finds witches.

I'm just wondering what we would have thought back then if someone said "I think we're in for two years of restrictions, even with a vaccine and improved treatment. Then it'll be suddenly replaced by war in Europe."

Okay great! We went from the Spanish Flu to the lat 30s without getting the fun of the Twenties, is that what you're saying? No spo-de-oh decade?

Hmm. Where did that come from. Spo-De-Oh. Twenties musical cliche? Sung through a megaphone? No, that's the wine-drinking song. The Twenties was vo-de-o-do.


Is this all italics to you? I can't turn it off.



Alas, due to a remarkable error on my part - all of which will be explained tomorrow - THIS IS IT FOR THE BLEAT. I apologize. All will be clear tomorrow, and it will be worth it.

You will not believe what comes next. Well, okay, you will. It does not rend the outer boundaries of credibility. I can say no more, but it'll be fun.

It has a lot to do with Earth Day. How's that for an enticement? But you will see me having a very deep spiritual experience with colored lights shooting out of my head.

I promise.

So, I guess, open thread. Ever done karaoke? Were you good?




That'll do! See you around.

Big surprise tomorrow.




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