Unabated and unapologetic, it's more non-standard Bleatage. We began with a Homemaker's Digest this week, so let's conclude with the same publication, c. 1948. Our focus: the regrettable foods.

We must learn how to . . .

Let's just say this one is . . . versatile:

There aren't many things that can do double-duty like this. Best not to serve it for dessert if you served it for supper.

There's no recipe given. It's just assumed you've custards galore on hand.

Sherbet, or Sherbert? We always debated that in my house. Bert seemed right but on the other hand, it didn't.

Freeze to Mush

Beat Smooth

Freeze firm

Words to live by. Well, it's a nice change from ice cream, and you can HOLY CROW A CUP OF CORN SYRUP?

"Hard-cooked eggs" makes it sound as if the process was unusuall arduous, and the result was rough and tough-tasting.

Speaking on behalf of corn fans who like it cob-wise or heaped in a pile with butter and salt, the appearance of corn in a cheesy white sauce is not welcome. It's like finding bugs. Big juicy bugs.

Double-salted, with fat added!

Not a lot of call 'round these parts for it, but I've no doubt it'll show up in some fancy restaurant as a Continental delicacy.

"Flavorous cabbage" sounds like another version of "Cadaverous Flabber"

Makes meat go a long way, because there's just two tablespoons on top.

Oh boy

It's probably delicious. But a cassarole? And not just, you know, sweet potatoes?

Also, apparently four tablespoons of Meat Drippings is just the sort of thing you have on hand.








Now it's time for our traditional Friday Hiatus radio sounders. How this ended up to be our tradition is a matter lost in the mists of history, but I expect some of your would be disappointed if we didn't honor the old ways. Today it's WLS.






Traffic news. The horn of irritation has been domesticated and defanged.


Why, it gets downright naughty after 18 seconds!

  A tour of the cliches, delivered with intimate warmth.
  Neighborhood roll-call. We always loved to hear our neighborhood mentioned on the all-powerful radio.

Now two ways to chip in!

That'll do! See you Monday, with something of a surprise.




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