That was an exciting weekend, wasn't it?

Aside from the 24-hour Coupla, no, it wasn't. We were told that it would rain. We need the rain. It did not rain. That's one thing. But every hour the weather app would tap me on the wrist and say "rain beginning in 17 minutes," and the skies would darken and the wind would rise, and then the sun would come out. Four, five times. It started to seem like torture. Like you're back up against a brick wall, blindfolded, and you hear the firing squad cock their rifles, and then nothing happens, and you hear the riflemen chatting casually. Then you go back to your cell. An hour later you're back up against the wall. So I got out the hose and started sprinking, which is like grabbing the rifle and shooting myself. Exactly like that! No different.

There's a little superstitious feeling that once you start the sprinklers, then it'll rain.

(Note: four hours after I started watering the lawn, the downpour began.)

Found a subreddit about paper money. I was not expecting what I found. Everyone seems to be about 19 and unfamiliar with the way money used to look.

What strange manner of bill is this, O Paper Money Collectors of Reddit? Well, they can't all be like that.

I think "a dollar" was the proper answer.

Well, they can't all -

To be fair, he was in another country. But I don't know what I anyone would think it wasn't a real dollar bill, especially since the poster obviously has access to an information dissemination and retrieval system popularly known as the Internet.

Now, everyone has a vast blind spot, a subject about which they know nothing. (Unless you are on Twitter, in which case you can easily slip from being a Sub Expert to a Russian Coup Expert.)

For example. There was a sachet in the new backpack I ordered. (Yes, friends, I pulled the trigger on that purchase - or got out the sprinkler hose, if you wish.)

  It's more decorative than others I've seen.


Now, in the past, you'd be stuck: no idea to figure out what that says, unless you want to go to a lot of work.


Now, you point your phone at it, and it will tell you.

Advanced essential oil aromatherapy tablets: suuuuure.

That was the results when I used a photo taken with camera app. The translate app was not so good when it ran the camera, although I prefer the results:

Now it's almost poetry.

The backpack? Zipper gets stuck every time. Going back. So this was prophetic.





Imagine that, minding your own business







Oh joy:

We return to the adventures of the most pathetic villain in the history of serials, the Invisible Monster. This gives you a good idea:

What do they need? The Invisibility Chemical. What do they abandon? Right.

Gee wonder what we missed in the edit before the cliffhanger

Our heroes go back to the truck with the chemical, shoot the guy who’s guarding it and take the chemical for analysis. The “Monster” sends a hence to find out where they’re stored, then goes to steal them with his special Invisibility Suit. He has a drill, which is invisible, but the hose isn’t.

Nothing inconspicuous about these guys, no sir.

They are, of course, discovers, and our hero gives chase. He follows the wrong truck, though. The Invisible Monster is still worried that he may find them, so he concocts a plan to force him to drive over a bridge, which will be blown up.

Seems like a lot of work, and remember, he hasn’t gotten his whole “Invisible Army of Crime” off the ground except for four guys who hate him.

So how do they get him to the bridge?

Can’t he just shoot him there? Because the iron laws of serials dictate that you never plug a guy at the opportune moment, and guns can only be used from great distances, when one is shielded by a wooden crate.

Well, at least it’s an excuse for an al fresco hats-on fist-fest.

Meanwhile, the hench is still stringing dynamite along the entire bridge, making you wonder: why?

Because they have reusable footage of a bridge exploding, that’s why.

The vanquished hench, who was handcuffed in the backseat, is trying to get loose, because he knows what’s coming. However:

That was short and rote. Well, we’ll see what reused footage we have next week.


Now two ways to chip in!

That'll do: off on another week of stuff, and I hope you enjoy it.



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