I’d say that’s the least of his problems.

Burger Bill gives you a good idea what the Dayalets are all about - they’re illustrations of the pitfalls of particular diets. Here, for example, we learn that Hamburger William is devoid of vitamins, because he lives only on mustard. His pickle eyes impart no nutrition; neither his lettuce hair nor his Ripples earlobes or hideous fleshless onion teeth contain sufficient vitamins to keep him hale. But why should he worry? He’s dead. He’s gone to hell. Demons have peeled off his skin and replaced it with the cracked, glazed crust of ancient bread, jammed potato chips into his head and rammed a ketchup bottle up the gaping, bloody hole left when they ripped off his spinal cord.

What did Burger Bill do to deserve this fate? I think he was responsible for the concept of the “limited time only” burger promotion, which gives you a burger you can fall in love with - then cruelly yanks it away. Just a theory.