It is unfair to judge Art Frahm by these illustrations. He did many that were much, much worse. (And better, too.) But the falling-panty theme is a staple of his work. This was his signature touch. When I first put up the site a million years ago, I thought it was ridiculous - underwear with elastic bands just didn’t slip down. It’s like a series of paintings in which bras spontaneously combust.

Since then I’ve heard from women of the era say yes oh my yes. It happened. But did it happen like this? Arms full, wind blowing up the skirt, some leering guys in the background? No. This is a glimpse into someone's fantasy - a world where men regularly happen across women whose undergarments have fluttered to their ankles. A world where underwear failure in the middle of an everyday chore is a signal, a cue, an invitation. Her pants are down and she can't run. Have at it, boys!

Herewith are a selection of Frahm’s works, resized and rewritten for 2013, with additional examples of the “Falling Panties” school and some completely unexpected appearances of Art’s art.