No! Not the Nazis again! They’ve already taken my bra; what more do they want?

Probably the zombie you’ve been dragging around the Matterhorn for a week, sis.

This may be some man’s life, but I’m glad it’s not mine, no matter how nicely built Ilsa Schusser, Double-Agent, might be. Look at what MAN’S LIFE includes: you have to deal with club women conventions, where hair is let down as part of a general spree; you have nutso partners who shiv you when you give ‘em the high-hat, and you have to deal with revolting love slaves.

This really is a brilliant cover – her expression goes right over your shoulder. She doesn’t see you. If she was looking straight at you with that terrified expression, that would make you a Nazi, right? And if you wanted a woman to look at you that way you’d be three feet down the aisle where they keep the “Detective” magazines
about women found bound in trunks.