Here is H. Dumpty moments before his ghastly death, when the force of a fall shattered his fragile body and spattered his guts all over the place. Representatives of the aristocracy’s military forces were summoned, as well as their steeds, and attempts were made to reconstitute him. They failed, mostly due to someone’s bright idea to let the King’s Horses assist in the reconstruction.

Lacking thumbs, they just got yolk everywhere. The King’s Men were terrified they would suffer repercussions for failing to heal Mr. Dumpty, but the King shrugged, and said “you’re an egg, and you get up a wall. What happens next is no one’s fault but your own.”

This must have pleased kids at first, since they recognized what he was - but then they must have realized they were meeting him before his inevitable death, and there was nothing they could do about it, short of going back in time. But we know how that works: never.

The statue looks rather precarious itself; wonder if it eventually fell down. Note that Story Book Land was near Quantico; the modern versions of the King’s Men might have been called in if it pinned someone.