Giant leathery bags with teeth: what could be more exciting? The St Augustine Alligator Farm might have had its official start in 1893, but it got up and running earlier: its website - yes, it's still around - says " In the early 1880s, two men began collecting alligators they found on Anastasia Island. These individuals, George Reddington and Felix Fire, were the founders of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm at South Beach."

Y'know, collecting alligators. Don't say it's never occured to you. And then one day you're sitting around wondering what's next, how that you have a few dozen, and your partner's eyes light up. He's been waiting for this moment to spring his idea.


Aw, jeez, monkeys? Sorry, partner. No.

C'mon, people love monkeys.

Some people love monkeys. Others find them an irritating, heedless iteration of humanity, selfish and loud and prone to flinging their digestive waste.

We'll put them in suits!

Okay. But that's it. Alligators, monkeys, ands nothing else.