Don't worry, friends - there's no additional expense involved in rotation. Absolutely not. No, the bar that has to cover the cost of installation and maintenance won't find a way to slip the extra overhead into the pricing structure. Relax!

During the 60s, the Chez Ami tried to keep up with changes in music and popular culture. An article in the Courier Express on January 31, 1965 heralds the transformation of the once swank dinner club into Buffalo’s first discotheque. Gone was the finest in live stage entertainment and dining, replaced by non-stop recorded music catering to the flaming young of Buffalo.

A few months after operating under this new format, the Chez Ami lost its liquor license. On November 23, 1965 vice squaddetective claimed that a customer there had solicited him illegally.

Closed in 1974, and demolished.