I assume they traded petroleum, and moved it around. I’m more intrigued by “Hunt Building,” which was apparently well-known enough that one needn’t’ say more. Well:

Tulsa was the first large city in Oklahoma to form an urban renewal authority in July, 1959.  After the first Oklahoma project - Seminole Hills - was completed in 1968, Tulsa initiated a downtown urban renewal program, declaring the heart of the city "blighted".  Use of condemnation by eminent domain allowed the city to acquire  9 city blocks and clear dozens of properties to make way for a new office complex anchored by the Williams Center.  In the past the wrecking ball had been fairly selective in which buildings were taken down and why.  Now the city's heart, where it all started,  was reduced to rubble, clearing the way for what was hoped to be a revitalized downtown

"Hoped." The Hunt went down in 1979.