Shop at the sign of the unexplained arrow! I guess that’s supposed to indicate a downward motion in prices.

Odd how the back doesn’t list the most famous location, perhaps - 50th in Edina. That gives us a good idea for the match’s date:

Hove’s began as a small corner store in Uptown, where Russell Lund worked part-time when he was a college student in 1922. Within three months, he became a full-time employee.

Lund built new Hove’s stores in Uptown in 1939 and Edina in 1941. The stores were leased to Hove’s, with Lund as a manager.

The stores thrived. In 1964, Hove’s lease in Lund’s buildings expired and Lund took over the grocery store operations under his own name.

It's my favorite grocery store.