Ranney’s Finest Coffee from Ranney’s Finest, the world’s Finest Foods. Half-price off on all tautologies! Ranney’s was one of those long-gone local chains – an Oklahoma example, in this case. From a genealogical page about the Mallatt family, this note from the earliest days of the 20th century:

George and Andy were blacksmiths and made farm implements, besides horseshoeing. Indians would come in the store, one would distract Frank while another used a long sick with a nail in it to reach plug tobacco behind the counter. Becky had an ability to care for the sick and being far from a doctor, she was called upon a lot and always went when needed, delivering babies, too. More often than not she was paid with a pig, chickens, a calf or fruit. Becky would put the children in the spring-wagon and drive to Arkansas City, bringing in eggs, etc. and picking up supplies for their store from Ranney's Mercantile Wholesale. The girls looked forward to riding the horse drawn streetcar while Becky took care of business.

And the coffee? From a wholesaler, no doubt. Branded for Ranney’s. For all we know the plantation from which the beans came still exists, and fills your cup today.