The man who founded Piggly Wiggly lost control of the company. The company's website says this was due to "a serious of stock transactions in the early 20s." That's one way of putting it. It was 20s stock games a go-go, as wikipedia notes here.

The corporate Piggly Wigglu page tells us what he did next:

After Saunders' disassociation with Piggly Wiggly®, he opened a chain of stores which operated under the name "Clarence Saunders, Sole Owner of My Name Stores," and although it was successful, the Depression forced Saunders to close the chain. Then, in 1937, Saunders designed and constructed a prototype of an automated store, which he called the "Keedoozle" (for "Key Does All").

Once again, Saunders had captured the country's attention with his latest venture; although, mechanical failures eventually closed the store.
Until the time of his death in October, 1953, Saunders was developing plans for another automatic store system called the "Foodelectric." But the store, which was to be located two blocks from the first Piggly Wiggly store, never opened.

A far-sighted man, he was. More on this remarkable fellow here. He was building himself a mansion when the stock drama hit; after bankruptcy, he sold it. It's the Pink Palace in Memphis.