Wonder Bread changed everything, man. After that came along no one could stand to eat crust that had the slightest hint of a spine. It had to melt in your mouth. It’s like everyone suddenly had bleeding gums, or something.

A lawsuit found here gives some history: Tender Krust also made Creamy Crust. “After Creamy Crust merged with Tender Krust in 1960, it  discontinued baking operations, and was supplied with bakery  products by Tender Krust. It sold advertised  bread under the Bunny Bread label and secondary bread under the  Creamy Crust Label. It also supplied private label bread to the following major chain stores: Shoppers City, Johnson  Brothers, Piggly Wiggly (Sunset GoJd label) and Walsh's.  Approximately 90% of Creamy Crust'  sales were made under private label. It was the first wholesale baker to offer private label bread to the chain  stores in the Twin Cities Trading Area.”

Now you know, in case anyone asks. The lawsuit, incidentally, was filed against Wonder Bread.