Everything went to war in the first half of the 40s. The militarization of society extende down to moisturizer marketing.

I seem to remember Ten-O-Six as an astringent; my mom had a jug of the stuff, and would use it on cotton balls to remove makeup. I used it as a teen-zit preventative. As for the company:

It was founded in 1927 in Lakewood, Ohio, by cosmetics salesman Jesse Bell, who named it after his daughter.[1] Bell made his products on a hot plate in his basement and then sold his skin care products door to door. The company was best known for its astringent cleanser for the face, 10-0-6 lotion. Originally marketed as an all-purpose freshener, it later became popular as a treatment for acne, and was flanked with new formulas for oily and sensitive skin.

10-0-6 was discontinued in 1998, but has been relaunched as "Ten-O-Six".

The outcry was immense. I also loved this:

In 2007 the company largely relocated to Australia, and reduced American domestic representation. The relocation was largely at the request of the Vice President of Ideation, Hilary Bell to the then CMO, James Ward, in a bid to globalize the "Smackers" Brand. By 2009, the company had returned to the United States.