Built in 1906, it was sorely outdated by the time the Era of Expositions Full of White Buildings came along. The '38 renovation gave it another act, but the fortunes of downtown LA would wane, and the Alexandria would sink into SRO status. Now saved and renovated.

Wiki: "Due to its elegant design and the fact that its public rooms sat disused for decades, it has been the site of countless film shoots, and its iconic Palm Court ballroom is a protected Los Angeles landmark."

So you've probably seen it. This is my favorite detail:

The Hotel Alexandria has an additional wing, on the 5th Street side, that is no longer part of the hotel. It was built by local businessman William Chick, who owned the land, in conjunction with the main hotel in 1905. It mirrors the main hotel's design. Each floor offered guest rooms on a hallway that connected to the hallways of the Alexandria.

When the wing's new owners came into conflict with the owners of the Alexandria in 1938, the Alexandria simply bricked up the hallways on all seven floors at the end of their property, making the hotel rooms in the smaller wing completely inaccessible, as Chick had not constructed stairs or an elevator in his wing, relying on those in the main hotel. The retail spaces on the ground floor remained in use over the ensuing years, while the hotel rooms sat as largely untouched time capsules.