You can be largest, and you can be exclusive. Take one. If you want to be both, don't expect to spend much time in the black.

Checkered history:

On January 13, 1943, Frances Farmer was arrested in her room at the hotel after failing to visit her probation officer when scheduled On July 23, 1948, filmmaker D. W. Griffith died of a cerebral hemorrhage on the way to a Hollywood hospital, after being discovered unconscious in his room at the hotel.

In 1962 celebrated Hollywood costume designer Irene Lentz, believed to be despondent over Gary Cooper's death, committed suicide by jumping from her 11th floor room window.

On March 3, 1966, veteran character actor William Frawley was strolling down Hollywood Boulevard after seeing a film when he suffered a major heart attack. His nurse dragged him to the hotel where he died in the lobby.

It's a retirement home now.