The New York Athletic Club of the City of New York, in case you thought it was the New York Athletic Club of the City of Wichita.

Not much athletics going on here. Deals, saunas, deals, cigars, masseurs, steaks, drinks, handshakes, deals. Push-ups? One or two, maybe. Let's not get ridiculous.

So you might think. Wiki:

In 1879, at which time it had 170 members, it published rules in various amateur sports, including fencing, sparring, and Greco-Roman wrestling. The NYAC can be considered the foundation for amateur athletics in the United States. It was the first organization to compile and apply a code of rules for the government of athletic meetings, the first to offer prizes for open amateur games, and the first to hold an amateur championship.

NYAC members have won 119 Olympic gold medals, 53 silver medals, and 59 bronze medals.[ Presently, the NYAC has top-ranked competitors in wrestling, judo, rowing, fencing, water polo and track and field, among other sports. Forty NYAC members competed for three countries at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, winning 16 medals.