The gilded life:

The original apartments were designed for luxury, arranged in seven, nine, ten and eleven room suites, each with two or three bathrooms. Each suite included the modern amenities of telephone service, an automated mail delivery system, filtered water, storage in the basement and elevators serving all floors. The interiors were designed elegantly, with parquet floors and apartments finished in quartered oak, birch and mahogany.The kitchen contained porcelain sinks and tubs, nickel-plated plumbing, gas ranges, and five-foot marble wainscoting. The interior courtyards and the broad exterior facing offered the rooms light and air.

That was during its early life as an apartment. It was converted to hotel usage, then was turned back into apartments. For a while it was named the Orwell, because one of the owners enjoyed his work.

Could've been worse. Imagine how stupid you'd feel waiting for the elevator at the Kafka or the Beckett.