Small hotels, probably – Rhinelander and Stevens Point aren’t tiny towns, but they’re hardly large enough to support the 25-story brick grandees we’ve seen in the last few pages. Of the Oneida I know nothing, except that it was named after the county in which Rhinelander is situated.

The Whiting is a different story. It was in Stevens Point when the book was made, which suggests – well, I don’t know what the hell it suggests. There’s a town of Whiting south of Stevens Point, but it was formed in 1947 when the locals got sick of getting the short end of the civic-services shrift, and decided to form their own town. They had belonged to Plover, which was south of Stevens Point. Got it? You’ll do fine on the test, then.

As for the “Finest Tap Room” claim, that’s a bold one to make in a beer-soaked state like Wisconsin. Especially since Stevens Point was, and is, the home of the Point Brewery, whose product’s taste stands in absolute inversion to the quality of their graphics.