Still around under the same name. From the website:

. . . missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman built a mission among the Cayuse Indians near Walla Walla. After 11 years of service, the Whitmans and several of those staying at the mission with them met an untimely death in November 1847.

The name Whitman became widely used in the local area with everything from Whitman Street to Whitman College.

It came as no surprise in 1927, when the people of Walla Walla decided to honor Marcus Whitman by naming their new hotel after him.

How, exactly, did they meet their untimely end? They were taking care of some measles patients, most of whom died. And so:

The Cayuse tradition held medicine men personally responsible for the patient's recovery. Their despair at the deaths, especially of their children, led the Cayuse under Chief Tiloukaikt to kill the Whitmans in their home on November 29, 1847.