"Good old Guckenheimer.'" It began as a Pennsylvania hooch. This whiskey devotee's page says:

The Guckenheimer brand itself was eventually sold to the American Distilling Company in Pekin, Illinois. They used it for several years, along with it's trademark "Good Old Guckenheimer" slogan, to market a straight bourbon whiskey which they made for awhile (quite an insult for a brand once considered to be among America's premier rye whiskeys) in Illinois, then bottled using commercial-grade bourbon from Kentucky, and then they even further degraded it to a blended whiskey. American Distilling itself eventually pooped out, its brands being acquired by Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky.

"Good Old Guckenheimer" remains available today as an 80ยบ proof blended whiskey, and may be found on the bottom shelf of liquor stores in some areas.

Good old cheap booze.