I have no idea where I got this one. Or why I put it up, for that matter. It’s possible my Grandpa got it, since he was a smoker and a grain-producer. It’s possible I found it on a table in a food court in Minneapolis thirty years ago. No idea. I do like the typeface and logo, though, and I’m always pleased to see mention of “Granite Falls.” Well, yes, if you push it off a cliff, it will. It’s a great name for a town; visitors might actually expect a scenic waterfall. Excuse me, local-type person, but . . . where’s the falls? "There aren’t any falls, mister. That refers to a big pile of stone at the bottom of a hill. The town’s name is just a reminder. Sort of an FYI, you could say. They were thinking of calling it Cheese Smells, but that isn’t exactly true of all your cheeses, so they went with the granite."