Pak-A-Way Freezers, by Schaefer. Established 1929! Good timing.

One of those companies about which you learn little by Googling, except they sued someone.

In the latter part of 1951 or early part of 1952, plaintiff entered into an agreement with Freshmaster Corporation of New York (referred to hereinafter as Freshmaster) to manufacture for it 7,200 home freezers bearing Freshmaster's label. These freezers were to be manufactured on Freshmaster's order and shipped to its customers in various parts of the country. At or about the time of the original agreement, representatives of all defendants were called to the office of plaintiff and were informed that they would share in the rail shipments and that, while the freezers would be shipped in Freshmaster's name, plaintiff was the actual shipper.

Freshmaster's credit rating was such that plaintiff was unwilling at the start to ship on open account.