The question is whether they sold them at a discount to Elby's or Channel 7.

WTRF puts the book in Wheeling West Virginia territory. As for Elby's, the Wikipedia entry has a section that makes you realize why companies did away with locally-branded franchise names. Ready?

Subfranchisees often used their own name and operated independently: Frisch's licensed Manners and Azar's; Shoney's licensed Elby's, Becker's, Shap's, Lendy's and Yoda's. Elby’s licensed Franklin’s Big Boy in eastern Pennsylvania. Acquisitions and mergers also occurred. In the early 1970s Frisch's acquired Kip's Big Boy; JB's acquired Vip's, Kebo's, Leo's and Bud's which were rebranded JB's. After buying Big Boy, Elias Brothers bought Elby's and TJ's. Elby's was unique in leaving and rejoining the Big Boy system.

It's like a leg-bone-connected-to-the-hip bone recitation.