Frank Bruce Robinson (1886 – 19 October 1948) was an American New Thought author and spiritual leader. A pharmacist in Moscow, Idaho, Robinson was the son of an English Baptist minister. He studied in a Canadian Bible school but later rejected organized religion in favour of the New Thought Movement. In 1928, he founded the spiritual movement Psychiana.

Did he now. Well, it has its own entry:

It began and largely remained a mail-order enterprise, recruiting people through advertising in popular magazines and through direct mail solicitations.

Thematically, Robinson's ideas, as expressed in Psychiana, grew out of the metaphysical tradition and can be classified under the New Thought umbrella. Robinson adopted concepts such as affirmations, positive thinking, self-help and mental healing into Psychiana's lessons and emphasized health and material prosperity as possible rewards for dedicated and hardworking Psychiana students.

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